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Village of Put-in-Bay
Dockmaster Job Description

Summary:  The dockmaster is essentially the ambassador of the marina and is the first person with whom a customer will interact.  He or she is responsible for the safe mooring of vessels, general operation of the Village docks, assisting boaters, and maintaining a safe and clean environment throughout the harbor and marina facilities.

Dockmaster Duties:

  • Direct, move, assist and securely moor vessels to dock
  • Assist traffic along waterway
  • Provide assistance to boaters
  • Clean dock area and maintain an orderly environment
  • Collect dockage fees
  • Maintain accurate records related to billing and collection of dockage fees
  • Report and document safety hazards, potentially hazardous conditions, and unsafe practices and procedures

Additional Dockmaster Duties: 

  • Regularly assist in the maintenance of the public bathhouse
  • Periodically assist in the maintenance of a safe and clean environment at the public beach
  • Occasionally assist the Streets Department, as needed.
  • Maintenance of docks, harbor area, public beach and bathhouse include trash collection, cleaning and disinfecting of public restroom and shower facilities and occasional maintenance of landscape.

Work Schedule:  Dockmasters, Park Maintenance/Bath House Employees can expect to work five and/or six days a week, including weekends.

Housing:  The Village of Put-in-Bay has does not currently have any available housing.

Commuting:  The Village of Put-in-Bay will reimburse employees who wish to commute to the island at the conclusion of their pre-agreed employment period.  Miller Ferry and the Jet Express each have season passes available.

The Village of Put-in-Bay has a no tolerance drug policy.  Unannounced mandatory drug testing is required for all employees.

Retirement:  All employees are members of the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). A percentage of one's gross salary is deducted from each paycheck and paid into a retirement fund.

Application:  To request an employment application, please call 419-285-8545. 



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