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Village Council
Council Members

Jessica Cuffman-Dress - President Pro Temp
Dianne Duggan
Kelly Faris
Jeff Koehler

Paula Ladd
Michael McCann
Kelly Niese - Clerk

2017 Village Council Meeting Dates

(Workshop: 1/9/2017)
***Monday, January 16, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 2/6/2017)
Monday, February 13, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 3/6/2017)
Monday, March 13, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 4/3/2017)
Monday, April 10, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 5/1/2017)
Monday, May 8, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 6/5/2017)
Monday, June 12, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 7/3/2017)
Monday, July 10, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 8/7/2017)
Monday, August 14, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 9/11/2017)
Monday, September 18, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 10/2/2017)
Monday, October 9, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 11/6/2017)
Monday, November 13, 9:00 AM

(Workshop: 12/4/2017)
Monday, December 11, 9:00 AM

Workshop Sessions - Council as a Whole Sets Agenda
First Monday of each month at 9:00 AM.

Regular Council Session - Council as a Whole Actions Taken
Second Monday of each month at 9:00 AM.

*** Denotes adjustment in schedule due to holidays.


Committee of the Whole
  Fiscal Officer/Clerk
  Police Chief
  Village Administrator
Finance/Audit Committee
  Kelly Faris, Chair
  Paula Ladd
  Michael McCann
Safety/Streets Committee
  Paula Ladd , Chair
  Jessica Cuffman-Dress
  Dianne Duggan
Dock /Parks Committee
  Dianne Duggan , Chair
  Michael McCann
  Kelly Faris
Police Commission
  Mayor, Chair
  President Pro-Tempore of Council
  Trustee, Put-in-Bay Township
  Police Chief
Village Repreentatives
  Planning Commission - Dianne Duggan
  Pro Tempore - Jessica Cuffman-Dress


Water/Sewer Committee
  Michael McCann, Chair
  Jessica Cuffman-Dress
  Jeff Koehler
Rules/Ordinance Committee
  Kelly Faris, Chair
  Dianne Duggan
  Jeff Koehler
Property/Projects/Town Hall Committee
  Jessica Cuffman-Dress, Chair
  Jeff Koehler
  Paula Ladd
Records Commission
  Legal Counsel
  Fiscal Officer/Clerk
  Citizen of Village


Audit/Finance Committee
Second Monday of each month at 8:45am

Tree Commission Meeting
Second Tuesday of each month at 9:45am

Zoning/Planning Commission Meeting
Second Monday of each month (times vary)

Mayor's Court
In session every Thursday (May-Oct) 9:00am
Off-season sessions occur once or twice a month on Thursday at 10:00am


Ordinances for the Village of Put-in-Bay
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