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The Village of Put-in-Bay Mayorís Court hears most criminal and traffic misdemeanor offenses that occur in the jurisdiction of the Village of Put-in-Bay, with the exception of offenses committed by juveniles, second offense driving under the influence and second offense driving under DUI suspension or FRA (Financial Responsibility) suspension. In addition, civil claims and domestic violence charges are matters excluded from the Mayorís Court jurisdiction.

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Pursuant to ORC 1905.05 (A) A mayor of a municipal corporation that has a mayorís court may appoint a person as mayorís court magistrate to hear and determine prosecutions and criminal causes in the mayorís court that are within the jurisdiction of the mayorís court, as set forth in section 1905.01 of the Revised Code. No person shall be appointed as a mayorís court magistrate unless the person has been admitted to the practice of law in this state and, for a total of at least three years preceding the personís appointment or the commencement of the personís service as magistrate, has been engaged in the practice of law in this state or served as a judge of a court of record in any jurisdiction in the United States, or both.